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Friday, January 13, 2012

Manimal Merchandising Dept.: The Satyrs (and One Centaur) of Stuyvesant Van Veen

I wasn't able to find much substantive information about this artist, but I am almost certain his name is a nom de plume (or would that be brush?) . I've got a very good imagination, but I could never come up with a name like Stuyvesant Van Veen

I was a tot when these pieces were created. The 50s were an entirely different era in American history. A time when people believed in the integrity of their leaders and sexuality was barely ever addressed in any regard. Which make these drawings all the more remarkable for the flagrantly seductive natures of the figures represented. 

Sex has always been used to sell things. It may have been more covertly done in that bygone time, but it was still recognized as a tool for convincing customers to buy things they didn't need like ties and perfume. 

Was it a more innocent time or were we just more likely to be gullible, accepting of the status quo, and blissfully absent-minded about what was going on around us? If I had a time machine I can assure you the time I would be least likely to want to visit is the maddeningly unaware 50s.

Thursday, January 5, 2012