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June 2013: This is no longer an active blog. From this point on Mythulinity will be an archive without new posts. Thank You to all followers and readers for your past contributions and loyalty.

That's the goal for our greater good: Sharing the best manimal/mythical and real male images and info online.

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Artists and Commission Owners:
If you find your work or property here and do not approve of it being posted on this blog, please contact me at gregareas@earthlink.net and I will take it down ASAP.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eye Candy Dept.: Buff Beauties

From BuffMuscles

Vaccine Zombie

Watch this next video clip and pay attention to what George Carlin tells you at the end of it. The truth is just about always very ugly when it comes to our government and the Powers That Be.

Wake up! Stay aware! Question authority!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Manly Enterprise Dept.: Bulkules

Dave Draper and Bill Pearl, two legendary pros, give their opinion of the way competitive body building has gone since Joe Weider promoted Arnold to the pinnacle and the idea that "bigger is better" (less skill, more drugs) became gospel.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Manly Enterprise Dept.: Tough Guise

Why men are so screwed up.

You can see the remaining 8 sections to this documentary at YouTube.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Three Little Words

Since I'm in the process of reassessing how this blog will exist, I'm going to post a few things way off subject but worthwhile nevertheless.

This clip is about the most transformative agent on this planet. 

Three little words we all need to hear. Three little words we all need to say frequently.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Manimal TF Dept.: Shark Bait

In this clip from Disney's "Aladdin" series, Aladdin is transformed into a shark:

Meanwhile, Aladdin's main squeeze, Jasmine, finds her real reptilian nature:

Friday, August 20, 2010

When The Excrement Collides With The Oscillating Blade

Art By G. German

I am sorry to inform you that, because of recent developments, Mythulinity will be on temporary hiatus. 

Once I get these issues straightened out, hopefully, the blog will return.

From this point forward, I will only be posting images I have consent to use and then only one image in any given post with a link to see more of the artist's work. 

If you have something here that you don't want posted here any longer, please contact me personally. I won't be honoring any second-hand requests. Why? Because how would I know that someone isn't just randomly choosing images for me to take down and basically playing games with me? So, until I receive written requests, things will just stay put.

Needless to say, the "Daily Manimal" is suspended until further notice.

I should have know the other shoe was about to drop when I got that cool review from Patrick Fillion at Boytoons Magazine.

Be seeing y'all.

Keep cool! 

Art by G. German

Daily Manimal No. 59

I found this piece in a web search. Unfortunately, I do not know who to credit it to.

My Bad

-----Original Message-----
From: Sender Wishes To Remain Anonymous
Sent: Aug 20, 2010 8:38 AM
To: gregareas@earthlink.net
Subject: Posting

Hi, if you wish to post art from my blog please have the courtesy to request permission from both myself and the artists before doing so in future.    It is in your best interest to do so.  Artists really appreciate communication. 
I have received a lot of mixed feelings in e-mails in regards to your blog after showing it to various people, commissioners and artists alike.  A few have asked me to send this e-mail to you.  There are several errors you have made in crediting characters and works and others have gone uncredited.

My Goodness, Anonymous, I am sorry. I will immediately delete anything that I recently used from your blog on my blog. If you have the names of the parties that I have offended I will take down their material, too.
Everybody has a different standard. Some are happy to just get credited and recognized, others want complete autonomy. If I can't find a credit, I don't give one. I always do my best to credit people and link back to their sites/blogs/deviant art page. I'm human, I make mistakes. If anyone you know has reason to feel slighted or abused by my use of their creations please let me know or, better still, have them contact me and I will remove their art from the blog(s). I will also post an apology and remove any links I have to their work.

Henceforth, please accept my apology for not inquiring whether or not you would allow me to post art featured on your blog on Mythulinity. I won't be doing it again. I will try to do a better job of crediting artists in the future.

If it appears that this doesn't satisfy people then I will do the only thing that makes any real sense: end the blog and stop promoting other people's work.

I'd be thrilled to find my work linked to another blog or website just as I was thrilled to get such a nice write up for Mythulinity on Boytoons Magazine. I realize other people aren't thrilled by unasked for attention for various reasons.

My apologies,
Greg German (Blogs: Mythulinity, Superversity, Centaurica)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daily Manimal No. 57

Art by Turkish artist, Halil Ural. The best of both worlds, a manimal superhero: Liono from Thundercats.       

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Manimalia: StagMan

The logo of Spanish porn producers and home of Italian porn star Francesco D'Macho, StagHomme Studios, is a very comely buckman stud.

Manimal Art Dept.: Wally Rainbow

Wally Rainbow is the artist/author of "Robin Hoog: Prince of Shamewood", a homoerotic parody of Robin Hood which is probably my all-time favorite web comic. You can read the entire series at Eleshar's Warriors of Fantasy blog.

I wish I could read Italian.

Manimal Art Dept.: Muscle Boys By Conji

Muscular males of all kinds by Polish artist, Conji. If all demons were like the ones this guy creates I would be very much into leathery wings.

Daily Manimal No. 56

Spawn: Dark Ages, Viper King figure

The Unexpected

Patrick Fillion, comics artist extraordinaire, has done me the great kindness of featuring Mythulinity on his cool blog, Boytoons Magazine.

Many thanks, Patrick!
And thanks, too, to CraigH for delivering this good news.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daily Manimal No. 53

Manimal TF Dept.: Sworded Life

In this fishy transformation by Ageaus, a man finds himself becoming something entirely foreign to him.

You can read the accompanying story by clicking on the link above.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Manimal Superhero: Wildcat and B'wana Beast

Here are two very much also-ran characters from the DC Universe, Wildcat and B'wana Beast.

B'wana Beast has a very interesting power. He can combine two different things or beings and transform them into one powerful force that features the best characteristics of each of the original entities. In the intro to this episode from the Batman: The Brave and The Bold series he takes a horse and melds it with a spider to create a strider that can run fast, leap far, climb walls, and spread webs. Just think what he could make with a horse and a man . . .

The rest of the episode is devoted to Wildcat and his teaming up with Batman to reform a group of teenage thugs called "Outsiders". Wildcat is your more conventional super-powerless superhero. Like Batman he uses tools, agility, and strength. He is all muscle and attitude. And he looks like the physical source material for Marvel's Black Panther. 



Daily Manimal No. 52

Savage by Mike Mayhew

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Awesome Art Dept.: The Enticing Male Beauties of Rick Blackwell

Rick Blackwell has an interesting and beautiful style of photomontage. He has developed a marriage of classical illustration and modern digital processing. Though he doesn't specialize in male figures alone, those are what captivate me. So that is what is featured below.