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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gay Comics Dept.: Brother To Dragons 2

At long last Class Comics is about to release the sequel to its  former release, "Brother To Dragons", and Patrick Fillion has delivered a striking cover as usual.

Had I known I would wait years for a second installment, I might not have purchased the original comic. Still, I can cut Mr. Fillion ample slack because of the quality of his company's output. Class is definitely not a misnomer in describing the books that come out of Canada. They're the best gay comics produced, bar none.

I imagine it is very hard for Mr. Fillion to appease his many fans. He has such a distinctive style that most of us don't want to settle for anything less than his work. I know that was the case with the book "Space Cadet". Finally, a comic devoted to luscious manimals with great covers and inside covers art by Patrick himself, then the disappointment that someone else did the pages art. Sure, I recognize how hard it would be for Mr. Fillion to be the sole artist producing comics at Class. But if any subject matter cried out for his touch it was that one. Hopefully, it won't take years for "Space Cadet 2" to arrive. (I might not live to see it.) Last heard Mr. Fillion was set to draw the entire comic. I pray it is so. (I have one request: please do another outstanding portrait of the centaur character King Strider!)

Until then, I look forward to reading "Brother To Dragons 2". I'll have to go back and read Book One so I can remember what it is about. Now there's a really pleasant chore and one worth your doing, too. Especially, if you have yet to buy it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Gay Faerie Porn: Little Winged Fucker

Manimal PM Dept.: Full Moon

Art by L Woods

Beastie Boys Dept.: Devils Love Angels

Manimal Art Dept.: Supernaga

Art by Mordor In Love

Manimal Art Dept.: Mermales-Part One

TF Art Dept.: White To Black

The art of Jesus On The Rocks is very interesting indeed. All the more so for expressing a gay fantasy that, it appears, most artists won't go near. I think this is the first transformation art I have seen where guys change race.

With the recent developments around the Trayvon Martin case it is hard to imagine America not being a very racist culture. The Tea Party Republicans routinely lie about their prejudice against our first black president, Barack Obama.

This artist is Mexican. Are Latinos as prejudiced against blacks as many Whites are? I haven't a clue whether or not that is so. This one obviously isn't. He makes transforming into a black man a very hot prospect. But, oddly enough, the black male figures are close to stereotypes and are borderline prejudicial visions, even if they are are pro black masculine beauty. I suppose if you are going to transform into a black man you would want him to be as phenomenally physically well endowed as any Tom of Finland creation or what would be the point?

I admit that, if I were going to switch race in this very prejudicial society, I would definitely want to be the best figure of a black man I could become. But strength, beauty, and big dicks don't save you from the bigotry of narrow-minded people. Though admirable physical qualities, they might cause a man to become identified as only a very sexual object. Leaving him open to being just another sad example of how far from maturity this culture is in accepting people for who they actually are instead of what they are imagined to be, "studs" or "suspects".

All art by Jesus On The Rocks

Monday, April 2, 2012

Manimal Movied: Amazing Spider-Man

There may actually be a good reason to sit through the reboot of Spider-Man this summer. Though he appears for all of a few split seconds in the latest trailer the design of Spidey's foe, Lizard, is significantly sexier than the way he has appeared in past incarnations.

Art by Patrick Brown

Manimal Art Dept.: The Explicit Beasty Boys of Pocky Rum