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Now that Tumblr has determined the real world of varied sexuality no longer exists, I've decided to head out in a different direction and prove them wrong. It was fun while it lasted and all things must pass. I am now passing on Tumblr and reigniting the flame that once burned bright here at Blogger. Join me!

Here's the goal for our greater good: To share the best material from multiple online sources plus super manimal/mythical and real male images.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eye Candy Dept.: Rookie Meat

Generally, I couldn't tell one football player from another but I'll make an exception in the case of rookie, Dez Bryant.

Though the idea that during the worst economy since the Depression we have team members running up $55K dinner bills is completely heinous no matter who gets stuck paying the tab. Read about it here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DADT Humor and WTF?

More sillyness.


Unfortunately, this fellow-thebeerjew-is dead serious. The song may be laughingly bad, but his warped point of view is all too common in America these days. 

Gay Humor Dept.: Horsing Around

From the silly folks at The Onion circa 2008:

Health Hunk '08

I watch a lot of different health and self improvement videos on You Tube, but I haven't ever come across one like this before. I've seen plenty of fit guys hawking things and sharing information, but usually they are clothed. This is the first time I've found a guy standing semi-naked in his kitchen espousing the merits of ground flax seed. If it weren't for his unusual delivery I might not have heard a word about flax seed. His body is a pleasant diversion. Unfortunately, he stopped making buff-bodied nutrition videos after only seven videos. I was curious if he would master public speaking presentation with experience over the course of time. For as supple as his body looks he is as stiff on camera as just about anyone I've ever seen. Well, at least his information is on target.

I love his name, Michael Kahunka. Like "kahunka hunka burning love" and he is definitely a kaHUNKa.

Ear and Eye Candy Depts.: Italian Macho '07

This us fun, even if I don't understand a word of it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eye Candy Dept.: Buff Boy

Eye Candy Dept.: So Sold On Hisseff

I think this guy should go into gay porn. He's already got the dumb speak and "worship me" attitude down cold.

"Not a fuckin' ounce of fat on this body, pure muscle!"  Haha.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Levi Poulter, Miami Model

Some of these shots are by David Vance.

Baby's Got Back

Digimales Dept.: The Adaptations of Centaurpics

Centaurpics digitally "homosexualizes" famous works of art. His work is elegant "gender-bending" or "gender-fucking". Female figures are removed from the original work and replaced by male figures. This gives an entirely new interpretation to objectification of beautiful humans. I like to think of this manipulation as "Classical Mancake".

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ear Candy Dept.: The Great Curve

Ear Candy Dept.: Shock The Monkey

Ear Candy Dept.: Ghost Town

To watch the original video of this song click here.

Going Off The Deep End

I was house sitting for a friend in the mid-00s and flicking through the endless dross when I stumbled upon this inane childrens show, Blue's Clues. I had never heard of it. I don't watch television at home so most mass-pop programming fodder is foreign to me and I'm not taken with childrens television programming despite my love of animation. Shows like "Samurai Jack" are the exceptions. Still, there was definitely something (or should I say someone) to this show that attracted my attention. 

And you can see him here . . .

The actor Donovan Patton who plays "Joe" is just about as cute a guy as I've ever seen on TV. He is the prototypical "All American Boy Next Door". I can well imagine that the producers who cast him to be the host of this fluff had no idea guys were out there in TV Land imagining what he was like naked. Then again, that might have been the way he landed this gig.

It is funny to see comments on You Tube bemoaning the replacement of the original host, "Steve". They kids who grew up with "Steve" uniformly despise "Joe". I don't think they'd be so quick to reject him if they were able to get into his pants. That's my fantasy . . . 

Incidentally, this is an unusual episode of this show because it features songs sung by Toni Braxton, Macy Grey, India.Arie, and They Might Be Giants

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Manly Enterprise Dept: Vunderbar!

This is definitely the wet dream of male model train enthusiasts everywhere. And here I was in awe of the train set that went around our family Christmas tree one year.

Friday, September 3, 2010


We've all heard how Islamic militants and/or terrorists expect to receive a reward of 72 virgins when they get to heaven especially if they fill their time on earth with offing infidels . . .

Well, here is what God gives to gay guys just for being gay . . .

Now aren't you glad you've been worshiping at the Church of The Eternal Erection?