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Friday, April 30, 2010

Faun and Fae Friday: Finale

Today was actually more of an "Angels and Devils Friday" but, as they say, variety is the spice of life . . . 

Art by Victor Gadino 

So, in keeping with the theme of "mangels and devilmen" and stretching the concept to a point just short of snapping, we arrive at this last post of the day and the incomparable Annie Lennox:


And one of the most well-disposed devils ever, a real horned stud muffin, in Disney's Fantasia:

FF Friday: Devil's Food

Art by Ong Chew Peng. I don't buy for even a brief moment that, if Jesus actually existed, he looked anything like that. Satan, on the other hand, maybe . . .

 Art by Nedesem.

Art by Setokakashiluver.

Art by Lea Johnson.

Art by Wasim Ahmed.

Art by David Kawena.

Art by Miss Maria 69.

Art by Matti.

Above and below, art by Serbian artist, Vuk Kostic.

FF Friday: The Awe Inspiring Art of Jason Engle

Jason Engle is just a flat-out brilliant illustrator. No exaggeration whatsoever. I only wish he did more work in a classical mythology vein. I suppose eventually one of his clients will ask for a centaur or a satyr and he'll add the work to his portfolio. For now, we'll just have to settle for this merely fabulous work . . .

FF Friday: The Male Art Photography of Art Dibujar

Lovely shots of beautiful men using only available light including photo-montages of angels. Art by Art Dibujar:

FF Friday: Mark Satchwill, Watercolorist--Part Two

Now for the fauns, fae, and some devilish guys:

FF Friday: Mark Satchwill, Watercolorist--Part One

Mark Satchwill is a talented illustrator of males of all kinds. Here, we will sample his splendid output of angels, devils, fauns and fae. 

I've split this post into two parts because of the sheer volume of outstanding works. 

First, the angels: