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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Were Wednesday? It's Here.

Anthropomorphic muscle art by Ookami-kun.

I have to admit that it took me a long time to wrap my head around this whole Furry/Anthropomorphic scene. Yes, it dovetails into my fascination with manimals, but sometimes it is truly out there, IMHO. However, wearing bunny suits for sex aside, I do love depictions of muscular males and there are a lot of fur lovers who create and dig muscle dogmen, catmen, etc. 

Here is an assortment of work by an artist who takes his posers seriously and yet retains a very light hard, dammit "cute", atmosphere around his creations. They always give you the sense they are happy to be who they are and there is no menacing or wild nature to them. 

Maybe, that is what I found unnerving about this sort of art to begin with. Though the figures are hyper-masculine in their muscular development there is almost a passive attitude about them. They are purposefully cartoonish and have a stenciled quality to them. Cute is okay to a point but a little "rough trade" aspect would be welcome. This artist doesn't engage in full frontal nudity or erections like many do. He also doesn't portray his characters interacting. These are meant as furry beefcake and nothing more. Pleasant diversions for men who fantasize cuddling up to something furred and ripped, too. I can get behind that, so to speak.


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