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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Male Art Dept.: The Fine Art of Matthew Stradling

A justifiably important artist in the realm of fine homoerotica, British master, Matthew Stradling, creates epically gorgeous images of men. There is no other artist quite like Mr. Stradling. He has managed to raise the bar for depictions of nude men and their acceptability into the sphere of fine art. 

His male models seem to float in the fantasy airs of beauty and pleasure. They are surrounded by jewels, pearls, and flowers that vie for their beauty but, instead, give them exquisite focus and enhance their striking form.

Stradling's nudes are exalted as iconography. Their auras exude satisfaction, contentment, and a supreme sense of occupying their ideal place in nature. These men are never at odds with their surroundings. Their juxtaposition with luxurious trappings merely highlights their sense of belonging. For truly man is, in Stradling's art, God's most beautiful and important creation.

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