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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pure Cheesey Goodness Dept.: Get Your Buzz Off

It appears from my research that there are number of manimals and even "plantimales" (Mossman, Evil Seed) in the 2002: He-Man and The Masters of The Universe.

This episode (in 3 parts) concerns a rather sexy, hot-headed "insectimale", Buzz-off. For a cartoon character he's both interesting and attractive in appearance despite being part winged bug. He might be mistaken for a muscular fae.

So far, in watching just a couple of these episodes I have encountered catmen, plantmen, snakemen and a bugman. Do you get the impression Eternia is riff with unusual variations of masculinty? 

Yes, I do realize this is just a cartoon show, but where else do you see this sort of thing if not in anime and American comics and cartoons? Very little of it has yet to make it to film and I've already highlighted those films that feature centaurs and satyrs elsewhere.

If your attitude is "Hey, I didn't come here to watch a kid's cartoon show" then Buzz Off! Just kidding. Please check out some of the great links listed under "Mythulinkity".

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