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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Satyrday: Mark Blanton Reprise

Mr. Mark Blanton is a very talented Pin-up artist in the tradition of men like Alberto Vargas. His work is for a straight audience, but he has a kinky side that he devotes to erotic satyr art.

To my mind his satyrs are a bit too clean and beautiful to be the rampaging, lusting beasts I think of as Pan's children. They are classical fine featured, smooth and clean. They seem to come directly out of the Greco-Roman favoring for physically perfect models to fashion sculptures from and glorify. They owe a debt to the Romantic Era artists as well. 

There are no props or backgrounds in Blanton's work. This follows the tradition of focusing on bodies alone which is the entire reasoning for creating pin-up style art to begin with. It is as if the models are suspended in a space devoted entirely to their beautiful acts of fornication and pleasure. No distractions, no diversions. What you see is what you get and here, what you are getting is gorgeous male satyrs with erections and fine, lean and beautifully proportioned bodies.

Here also is where the line between satyrs and fauns is blurred. These fellows have the horns, hairy haunches, and hoofs of satyrs, but their look is that of classical sweet-featured fauns. 

One thing that cannot be denied, they are engaging in the activity that is their very raison d'etre. 

Viewing this work makes me long for a broader approach to sexuality that would include male satyr-to-male satyr pieces and, in my wildest fantasies, a few works of this caliber depicting male centaurs. Mr. Blanton shows no signs of heading in that direction at any time in the near future. Perhaps, he takes commissions of that nature.

Be warned: if you cannot find the female form beautiful as well you will not completely enjoy Mr. Blanton's fine work.

This heterosexual erotic art is featured on my gay-centric blog because I have yet to find another artist who executes such finely honed and detailed tributes to the wonderfully sensual and sexual manimal, the satyr. 

(There will be a few repeats from last night's posting.) 

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