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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Were Wednesday: Furronika--Part One

It is almost impossible to escape the art of Furronika. And that is not in the same sense of escape as trying to elude the "art" of Robert Kincaid, Painter of Light. The art is just so popular and so highly regarded that it is hard to be gay and into manimals or furry art and not stumble, delightedly, upon it. 

Furronika is the master of erotic anthropomorphic art. There is no one who comes close to doing as much with as little as Furronika does. The art is basically simple line drawings, but the content is amazing for its ability to be both humorous and arousing. This is comic fantasy with every possible combination of anthropomorphic manimal engaged in eye-popping sexual activity. This is indeed pornography, but it sure as hell ain't your daddy's sort of smut. 

If you mine any vein of furry or manimal art you will always find Furronika close by. Her art is probably linked to more than just about anyone else who does anything similar. But, though there are over 100 separate works to behold, I haven't found new material in a decade. Maybe someone reading this knows more about that issue.

What Furronika offers the viewer is the ability to become enveloped in a world of studly animal men who are proud and happy to have their way with vulnerable partners. One of the main themes of this art is compliance. Willing more than not. Juxtaposition between large, buff males with enormous equipment and slight, eager associates. It is a fantasy world where, on occasion, equals may meet for hardcore bliss, but more likely is the pairing of partners who seem woefully mismatched and yet are doing it anyway.

Below, in Part One of two posts, you will find a series of images that might be called "Disney Fan Art". I don't know that the folks at Disney would find it as unabashedly funny as I do. It is erotic parody of the best sort. Wherein the familiar is thrown for a loop and sweet, innocent characters become worldly in a captured moment while others show themselves for the beasts they really are. 

If you like the idea of muscular horsemen, dogmen, and other hunky furry fellows getting it on and showing it all, you will love Furronika.

Nothing in the sexual arena of penetration and phallic violation is missing in this art. If that disturbs you, please run away now.

"Oooh . . . God! Yes! . . . pummel me Pumba!"*

"Oh, I just can't wait to be King!"*

"Little John likes Robin. Yes he does."*

"This is the result of the fourth wish they never talk about. Wonder why?"*

*All captions by the editor.

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