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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taur Tuesday: Froederich Myson, Manimal Artist Supreme

The art of Froederich Myson raises the bar for all artists of mythical males. His output is, sadly, very limited. But his work is, thankfully, so appealing that one can lose themselves contemplating the  wonder envisioned.

I have know of Mr Myson's art since he contributed his first piece, "Roxx Encounters Chrysaetos The Golden Centaur", to MSN Centaurica. I was completely blown away by the beauty of the work and hadn't seen better depictions of a minotaur and centaur ever. I had an instant woody just taking in Chrysaetos. (Whoa, what a taur!)

Later, Mr. Myson made another piece of startling manimal beauty, "On The Horns of A Dilemma-or- Let Sleeping Satyrs Lie", that was every bit as wonderful as the previous piece. With an equally compelling centaur and a super-sexy satyr. 

What could be better than this? Would Mr. Myson grace us with mermen and other mythical males? Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, I have found no more works of art coming from the skills of the master. Until yesterday.

Among the very first images CraigH contributed were the two pieces mentioned above. I have the pieces in my collection, but it is always wonderful seeing them again. I knew that I would post them as soon as Taur Tuesday came around. Then, last night, avid follower, Fishboy, sent the pieces again. It is obvious everyone who has found this art treasures it and wants to share it ASAP. But with the pieces were two versions of another image that I can't recall having seen before, "Asterius The Minotaur ('Gold')" and "Asterius The Minotuar ('Blue')", depicting just about the studliest muscle-minotaur ever created. To say Asterius is hot is selling the work short. The guy sends of sparks in your lusting imagination. (I don't eat dead meat, but I never said I wouldn't touch the live stuff!)

I think you'll agree that these are exceptional images. I hope that someday Mr. Myson finds this group and recognizes he has a devoted following hungry to see any new efforts. I thank him for filling my eyes and my mind with the ultimate in mythical male art.

Everything about his work is sensational, from the composition and coloring to the subject design. The fact that what is portrayed in these images is manimals makes them, of course, very important to me. I like to imagine, as I have discussed before, that whatever I attract to me is related to me on subtle and profound levels, good and bad. But I see my fantasies surrounding centaurs and other "halfers" as representing many good aspects that are lacking in this existence. (What would fantasies be for if not to present an alternative to this pain, struggle, challenge and chaos? A respite as it were.) These works make that fantasy have more reality for me. I believe that is why they resonate so strongly with other men, too.

Thanks once again to my friends, CraigH and Fishboy, for supporting this blog and helping to make it much better. I appreciate your attention and contributions.

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  1. omg! I have been looking for "On the Horns of a Dilema" it seems like forever. It was, I believe the banner some group in the past.. (was it Malemyths?) and I fell in love with the pic. Unfortunately when the site went down, I lost it, because I forgot the title and the artist. Thanks for posting it! (love Taur Tuesdays :)