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Friday, September 21, 2012

Manimal Movie Dept.: An Actual "Manimal" Movie

This will have to fall into the "You have to be shitting me!" category.

Sony Pictures has purchased the rights to the "Manimal" television series from 1983 and is set to make a CGI-filled movie. This is either the most preposterous idea I've heard in a long time or Hollywood types are followers of my blog and other web endeavors. 

Stranger things have happened. Who'd have guessed the reboot of "Planet of The Apes" would be a hit? Not me.

I've always been thankful the series gave me the term "manimal" to use. I remember watching a couple of episodes of the show when they first aired and thinking it was a novel premise, but the show itself sucked. Proved rapidly enough by its quick demise after eight episodes.

I'm positive that the coming movie will only share the name. It is a great name and I am happy I've had a small part in promoting its usage for the last decade or so. Beyond that I don't have any great expectations.

Dare we hope for a "Man From Atlantis" spectacle, too? That piece of dreck must be prime for the picking.

And here's a manimal that has nothing to do with the projected movie. Good inspiration though.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Animated Dept.: Bravely Bent

A gender-bending treat for fans of Pixar's latest bit of sweet fun.
From the incredibly talented Mr. Jezza Smilez.