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Friday, July 29, 2011

Manimal Art: Satyricon-Part One

Art by Chocolate Is Forever

Art by Spastic Frog

Art by Wiggers 123

Art by Prototypical Melvin

Art by Mary Graham

Art by Super Chi

Photo by Goat's Ass

Art by John Yume

Art By Kittehness

Art by Kaiser Chan

Art by Chocolate Is Forever

Art by Michael Antonio

Art by Mr. Killabee

Art by Avadrea

Art by Ultraviolet Bat

Art by Poison Milow

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer's Mermales

Art by Diejodis
Art by Nenuiel

Artist Unknown

Art by Hazy B

Art by Saimain

Art by Breena Ivy

Art by Smile Forty-Eight

Art by Loveall 1229

Art by Sozanula

Art by Tavis Harts

Art by Oeilde Nuit

Art by Faery Tale Wings

Art by Loveall 1229

Art by Bittersweet Disease

Art by Loveall 1229

Art by Sozanula

Art by Sozanula

Art by Daekazu

Art by Sozanula

Aroused Angel

Art by Joaquim Abella

Over at Warriors of Fantasy

If you haven't checked out Eleshar's great blog "Warriors of Fantasy" lately, now would be a great time to do it. 

You will find excellent recent posts about archers, "Wielders of Bows and Arrows", and the always fascinating Pan and his lusty followers, the satyrs, "Guardians of The Sacred Fountain: Part 2".

And, if that isn't good enough, if you haven't ever seen it there is Brad Parker's wonderful "Jason" erotic comic wherein the sexy hero encounters a very hot satyr dude and they get to know each other very, very well.

"Warriors of Fantasy" is one of the best blogs of its kind and well worth a visit.

Awesome Art: Barsoomian Splendor

Joe Jusko has created some outstanding art for the E. R. Burrough's series "Warlord of Mars" and much of it features the green-skinned four-armed Martian giants known as Barsoomians.

They certainly are something puny humans would have a hard time besting in a one-on-one fight. Yet, Burroughs' character, John Carter, takes them on like the fantasy hero he is.

I hope that after the film of "John Carter" is released next March we start getting some fan fiction and art devoted to Barsoomian-Human inter-species intimacy. Sex with four large muscular arms to hold you and play with you sounds incredibly titillating.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Muscle Candy Dept.: Joao Caneco

I may have posted this clip before, but who cares? This man is always worth more than one look.

Serious Manimal Art: The Bearataur and The Thief

Art by Tamas Gaspar

Manimal Humor Dept.: Put Down That Damned Wand!

Art by CarsonFire

Manimal Art Dept.: Assortment

Art by K. M. Collins

Art by GDK Visions
Art by KMC Geij Yutsuka

Art by KMC Geij Yutsuka  

Art by Liz Kay

Art by Kineko

Art by Hard Colico

Art by Jay Shell

Art by Cara Mitten

Art by Yubria

Art by Mad Jaguar

Art by Cara Mitten

Art by Kalseru 345