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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1000th Post!

It is hard to imagine that I've posted 1000 separate entries here at Mythulinity. To commemorate this accomplishment here is a mix of the things I like best, hot men and even hotter manimals. Cheers!

Art by Rob Clarke

Art by Kevin West

Art by Greg Staples

Art by Kevin West

John Odom

Art by Dave Hoover

Art by Mike Grell

Art by Angus Wilson

Art By Cara Mitten

Art by Liam Sharp

Art by Liam Sharp

From The Lambax 51

Art by Jay Shell

Hero Machine 3 Creation

Art by Seven Seas Sailor

Art by Yubria

Art by Digital Q

Art by Liam Sharp

Art by Digital Q

Art by Bernardo de Gregorio (Mr. B)
Art by Boris Vallejo (1982)

Art by Marc DeBauch

Art by Ulf

Art by Jezza Smilez

Art by Yenay

Art by Patrick Fillion

Art by Liz Kay

Art by Charlene Ralph


  1. Huge congratulations, GM. I'm in awe of your tireless posts, and I read every single one and mostly just admire the muscles, but hey.

  2. Well, I thought I commented before but it didn't show, so I just wanted to say congrats for all the posts, they're much appreciated!

  3. Hi Michael,

    I appreciate your loyalty to this little blog, even if you are just admiring muscles. Isn't that why I post all the pretty pictures?

    I have to approve comments before they get posted other wise a lot of spam would appear where I don't want it to. I just hadn't approved your first comment, so it didn't get posted faster. My bad.

    But thank you mightily for the second comment, too. Maybe I should delay approving comments and I'll get more that way. LOL