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Friday, April 27, 2012

TF Art Dept.: White To Black

The art of Jesus On The Rocks is very interesting indeed. All the more so for expressing a gay fantasy that, it appears, most artists won't go near. I think this is the first transformation art I have seen where guys change race.

With the recent developments around the Trayvon Martin case it is hard to imagine America not being a very racist culture. The Tea Party Republicans routinely lie about their prejudice against our first black president, Barack Obama.

This artist is Mexican. Are Latinos as prejudiced against blacks as many Whites are? I haven't a clue whether or not that is so. This one obviously isn't. He makes transforming into a black man a very hot prospect. But, oddly enough, the black male figures are close to stereotypes and are borderline prejudicial visions, even if they are are pro black masculine beauty. I suppose if you are going to transform into a black man you would want him to be as phenomenally physically well endowed as any Tom of Finland creation or what would be the point?

I admit that, if I were going to switch race in this very prejudicial society, I would definitely want to be the best figure of a black man I could become. But strength, beauty, and big dicks don't save you from the bigotry of narrow-minded people. Though admirable physical qualities, they might cause a man to become identified as only a very sexual object. Leaving him open to being just another sad example of how far from maturity this culture is in accepting people for who they actually are instead of what they are imagined to be, "studs" or "suspects".

All art by Jesus On The Rocks


  1. Thank you for this post.
    I for one am Always happy to see Positive art and imagery of Black Men (Sterotypical or Not).

    In reference to your question "Are Latinos as prejudiced against blacks as many Whites are?"
    Sadly, I'm gonna say yes. In the SouthWest , the Hispanics like to think of themselves as Latino, but are just as hateful towards Mexicans as they are Blacks. I've accidentally mistook a Hispanic person for Mexican several times to get bombarded with hateful words of self appointed superiority and lectures on their European origins.
    I feel if you're gonna claim European origins, you can't play the Latino card.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jezza. It would be nice to imagine a world without judgment where only acceptance fills people's hearts, but I don't think either of us will experience such a thing in our lifetimes. It is almost impossible to not be prejudicial to some degree. After all, we are taught it from birth. But when we learn to see people as individuals then we have a chance to experience them as more than the pigment in their skin or the features of their culture. I have found that when you are open and accepting other people of every race and creed are happy to meet you and interact with you. To me a man is more than his physical attributes, even if beautiful attributes might attract me at first. I want to meet the goodness in a person's soul so that is what I work to do. Black is beautiful but no more beautiful than any other race or mixture of races. The most beautiful person is the one you refuse to judge at any moment.

    2. Well said, Gregger. Well said.