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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Manimal Art Dept.: Satyrs


  1. Um... I don't mean to criticize or anything (well, maybe I do a bit), but Satyrs are what's known as "ichthyphallic." That's means that they're always portrayed with wildly erect wangs. So naturally, there are no female satyrs.

  2. Well, Thomas, I'm sure you have heard of artistic license. Artists have been depicting female satyrs for centuries. Interesting that term "ichthyphallic" considering icthy refers to fishes. Satyrs have a fishstick, fishdick, or fincock maybe, hard and never flagging.

    If you were expecting a ban on the distaff side, I'm a bit more democratic about featuring females on my blogs even if the sites are primarily for gay men. Thanks for paying attention to the politically correct representation of satyrs anyway.

  3. No worries. Just one of those little thins. I've had a bit of an obsession with Greek Myth my whole life, and now I'm majoring in Classical Archaeology. To be honest, artistic license never even occurred to me.
    ..... I suppose I can go for that.