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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Manimals Dept.: Were Overkill

It seems that if you can't get enough of lycans and their troubles with full moons and bestial behavior you are in luck these days.

Werewolves feature in two of the most popular film series, "Harry Potter" and "Twilight". Universal tried to resurrect the progenitor of all these new editions with a big budget reboot of their classic B movie, "The Wolfman". But, as with "Van Helsing", the effort was a major failure.  The only thing worthwhile about "Van Helsing" was Hugh Jackman transforming into what was perhaps the sexiest wolfman ever. 

On television weres appear in "True Blood", "Sanctuary", "Being Human", and now, MTV's entry into the furry friend field, "Teen Wolf".

Obviously, the folks behind film and television production feel that their audience can't get enough of young fellows donning furry suits and fangs. This must be called "Snarl Appeal". But weres are only as good as the special effects that make them come to life and so far TV's plethora of weres are pretty half-assed. The young guys might be sexy before they transform but they aren't, unfortunately, nearly as sexy once they get their bite on.

With the wonders achieved by new digital techniques we can only hope that eventually there will be really audacious representations of weres appearing on both the big and small screens sometime in the not so distant future. For now we have to settle for a new generation of were cheese.

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