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Monday, October 24, 2011

Manimal TF Dept.: Ben 10's Stud Forms

I remember watching an episode of the animated series "Ben 10" when it first showed up and not thinking much of it. Obviously, over the course of its run on Cartoon Network the producers decided to add some meat to the show's bones and newer versions "Alien Force" and "Ultimate Alien" have appeared. The alien concept enables Ben to transform into some genuinely interesting manimals. 

Each new version does what most things in this insanely commercial culture do: escalate in size and power. I fully expect the next generation will be "Ultimate Super Big Gulp Alien Force X". I don't know that these hyper-expanded forms of the Alien Force crew make the show any more watchable for most guys, but I find it interesting that in past episodes of the show Ben has become some very hard-ass characters including a tigerman named "Rath" who comes off like a cross between Tony The Tiger and Hulk Hogan and is a damn sight sexier than either of them. 

Then there is the reptilian "Humungousaur" . . . 

 . . . and a big red brute, "Fourarms", who naturally is very adept with his four huge arms.

If this show had been on when I was 7 years old and thought ten year olds were way more "with it" than I was I probably would have been a big fan. Now I just imagine how cool this concept would be if it was "Ben 25" and he was a really sexy gay morpher.

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