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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gargoyles: Part One

You might remember the Disney cartoon series, Gargoyles, from the mid-nineties. The show featured good scripts, animation and stellar vocal talent. But the very sexy character design of the lead gargoyle, Goliath, was always the main attraction for me. Not only did he look hot but he sounded hot, too, thanks to the smooth bass voice of actor Keith David.

If any cartoon series deserves a reboot it's this one. Though that might prove dangerous for the Goliath fans know and lust after as characters like He-Man and Lion-o have lost their maturity in new series and one of the reasons, IMHO, why Goliath is as interesting figure as he proves to be is because of his masculine maturity.

In case you are interested, the series can be watched in it's entirety online on various anime servers.

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