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June 2013: This is no longer an active blog. From this point on Mythulinity will be an archive without new posts. Thank You to all followers and readers for your past contributions and loyalty.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Fond Farewell: Featuring Rob Clarke's Work

It's been almost two months since my last post. That's the longest action gap since I established this blog and it should come as no surprise that my interests lie elsewhere these days. I have two other blogs (Wordpress: Superversity and Centaurica) that get my attention on a regular basis. 

I have decided to leave this blog up as an archive. There is a great deal of excellent material here for readers to peruse and enjoy, but most of the kind of manimal material I posted here is going to be featured on the other blogs from now on. I have a very small reader base for various reasons, such as this material has limited appeal and I refuse to enter into the promotion of commercial aspects of blogs (no ads ever). It makes perfect sense to mostly end this enterprise and direct people to Superversity and Centaurica (You can find links in the Mythulinity Links list, of course.)

I thank all the followers of this blog. I'm glad we were able to share this common interest. Please take the time to check out and follow my other endeavors. Good fortune to you all.

I believe it is fitting that I feature the work of Rob Clarke for my last post. I've always loved his take on masculinity. It's highly twisted and humorous. He is a master illustrator of the male form.


  1. Too bad to see you leave this blog alone, just as an archieve. I would have been very happy if you just continued to publish your work here also - but of course, it is your decision what to do. Nevertheless, I cannot find the link to the wordpress-site you mentioned. Can you help me on that?
    Thanks and regards, Roland

  2. Hi Roland,

    I've made sure the links for Centaurica and Superversity are working (thanks for catching that) and now both are listed under Mythulinkity.

    Cheers and Thanks,

  3. I will miss the updates, I have been following for a very long time, since yahoogroups, and i have enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you very much.

  4. Thanks, Leigh, for always being a faithful reader.

    Mythulinity will still live to some extent in similar posts that will now appear on the other blogs. It isn't a total loss. And I will continue to pay the annual fee to enable people to still read the old posts here.

    Everything must change and it seemed like an appropriate time for me to close shop here.

    Thanks again, Greg

  5. I had no idea Superversity and Centurica were yours as well. I follow those as well.
    While this blog will be missed, I'm happy that I can rely on the same quality of "muse" from your other two.
    Thanks for the great art and pics!

  6. Thanks for the time you spent on this blog. I first heard of it from the Yahoo group, and have been watching it ever since. Gonna miss it

  7. Good to hear from you, Jezza. It makes me happy that an artist I admire follows my blogs. Thanks, Greg

  8. Thanks for your loyalty to Mythulinity, Tors. I appreciate your taking the time to comment about its closing.

    Cheers, Greg