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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Manly Enterprise Dept.: Pondering Past Political Puffery

“Centaurs are majestic, even sacred creatures,” said Firenze, “and we are not to be trifled with.  Furthermore, none understand the portents of things to come so well as we, and we know that your ‘2006’ is going to be a most interesting year for this ‘President.’ These are not threats, but prophecy.  And if you want to see what happens to humans who go around calling us ‘hybrids,’ just look at what we did to that hateful Dolores Umbridge.”

Read all about why this response came to be at American Airspace.

And more regarding the same issue at Pharyngula.


  1. BTW - The photo used in the post is the cover of Roger Daltry's "Ride A Rock Horse," which is the only Roger Daltry album I ever purchased, and that was just because I wanted the photo.


    ***** Paul *****

  2. Hi Paul,

    Good to see you here. When I posted this piece at the Centaurica blog (http//:centaurica.wordpress.com/) I made its title appear when the cursor passed over the picture. Unfortunately, you can't do that here.

    This was one of the first centaur images I ever had a copy of, not because I bought the album like you did, but because I bought a copy of Billboard magazine that featured an insert print of the album cover as an advertisement for the album's release. It was just providential happenstance that the issue I bought had this great cover art inside it. I still have that print and it hangs on my wall.

    Thanks for commenting on the images info. Now everyone knows it's origin, too.