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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Homo Fun Dept.: Brad Parker

I first encountered Brad Parker within the pages of the LA gay paper, Frontiers, back in the 80's. His work was used to promote a West Hollywood bar. Later, after moving to Seattle in '87, I purchased the first issue of the Meatmen series of gay comics collections and, happily, I found the work of Mr. Parker gracing the books pages.

A collection of his works-"The Erotic Adventures of Jason by Ace Moorcock"-was issued shortly after that and I could not have been more pleased. It appeared by the nature of the collection's contents that the same sort of kinky pleasure I derived from fantasies featuring manimals was Parker's cup 'o' meat, too.

It seemed to me that just as I had made his acquaintance Parker disappeared from the scene completely. I had feared the worst considering how rapidly HIV/AIDS was claiming the best and brightest of gay talents.

I now know that Parker moved to Hawai'i and let the spirit of the islands move him to create art of a very different nature. The days of gay porn comics were over and that work was replaced by a fascination with Hawai'ian tikis.

I treasure the body of comic work Parker did in the late 80's. His work of image-conveyed storytelling was unique in its day and, despite the passage of over two decades, looks as if it is current.

What I find most appealing about Parker's art is how it achieves the simple graphic quality of good woodblock prints through his excellent use of line and striking composition.

To me one of the best examples of just how good Parker was is contained in the following series of drawings from the above mentioned collection. In this episode Jason encounters a satyr with dramatically horny results.


  1. Thanks for posting these. I'd not heard of Brad or this series before. It looks pretty awesome. Love the detail. Thanks also for the helpful background info. I assume the remaining panels aren't available online? Was this published in "Meatmen"?

  2. Hi K-Nova,

    As far as I know the next story in the Ace Morecock porn comic book concerning the sexual adventures of Jason, where Jason acts on his satyr transformation, is nowhere to be found online. Unlike this first story, no one has scanned that story and uploaded it online. It may indeed be out there, but I haven't found it yet. I don't believe it was published in any edition of Meatmen.

    There is an old paperback book by Parker,"Oh Boy!", that is still available on Amazon. I don't think it is in that book either though I haven't bought it.