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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eye Candy Dept.: Craig Horner

Over on You Tube a very tasteful fellow, Aquamanarrow, has done the service of distilling all the semi-naked scenes starring Craig Horner (there's a name to contemplate for a moment), the lead on the ABC actioner, "Legend of The Seeker". Seeker is produced in part by the same folks who brought us the "Hercules" syndicated series in the 90's (Including Spiderman 1-3 director, Sam Raimi. His brother also stars in one episode.) It, too, is filmed in New Zealand. 

When I first found Seeker on Hulu, (I don't watch broadcast television at home) I was amazed to find it is based on the books by Terry Brooks, the Godfather of Sword and Sorcery fantasy fiction. (I'd read the first book last winter. It was a decent read, but I quickly tired of the formula. The pared down TV series is much better to my mind. I am sure Brooks purists would disagree. But that is an argument for another venue.) Horner is a wiry little guy with a very pleasing physique. No hulking bodybuilder he. Enjoy!

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