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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eye Candy Dept.: Great Body, Ugly Tattooos

When I was 25 I lived in LA and had a membership at a gym in West Hollywood (now called WeHo). One day I was in the sauna when in came a large well-built man with a shaved head and  a very prominent round tattoo on his right buttock. The tattoo was fashioned after a USDA Prime meat stamp. It was audacious and humorous, too. I had never appreciated tattoos and this was way before they came in vogue in the 1990's. Only rebels, gypsies, Maoris, circus freaks, and drunken seamen seemed to have them and, by and large, i found them crudely done and ugly.

Now, flash forward to 2010, when Grannies and small kiddies have tattoos. Some of them are fine. I especially like discrete ones and have seen some very nice tattoos of centaurs and satyrs. A co-worker had a gorgeous copper and navy inked Japanese Koi wrapped around one arm. It wasn't something I wanted to adorn my body with, but it was truly beautiful art. 

Then there is the aesthetic violation, IMHO, of guys who get their glorious physiques marred with just plain ugly tattoos. I wonder what the hell they were thinking. Why did you get that? Are you not individual enough? Is your body not wonderful in the shape you've sculpted it into?

Anyway, the following video falls into that category. To each his own, as they say.

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