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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eye Candy Dept.: Muscle God or Vain Egomaniac?

Okay, here's a question: when does self-promotion go too far?
This young fellow is 20 years old, in ripped and peak condition, a full time media-savvy self-promoter and calls himself "Muscle God Michael". Now, is he justifiably proud of his body and all the work it took to get in such great shape? Or is he headed towards being  a full-fledged narcissist? Pride before a fall?

And should we all take advice from someone who is obviously genetically gifted? Nah, I think we should just relax and enjoy his muscle show and forget any so-called expertise this mancub claims to have. I wish him all the good fortune he can attain using the system and "whoring out" a bit. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I admire his physique. I'm just not so sure I'd be going to such lengths of self-marketing before I really matured enough to know anything about life if I were him.

Would I go to a 20 year old doctor, or lawyer, or even massage therapist? Would I want to read the memoirs of a 20 year old? The answer to these and a slew of other questions regarding 20 year olds would be a resounding "NO!"

Let's say, for the sake of argument, he's been an iron rat for 5 years--and 5 years is generally the investment a young guy has to make in his physique before really outstanding musculature is developed--other than his personal physical experience how much knowledge and expertise could he have mastered? He'd be able to know a bit about correct form, exercise techniques using weights probably, something about cardiovascular fitness, a bit about what nutrition worked for him and what supplements might have helped, but how much else? And, as far as training others is concerned, how much experience could he have? Did he hang out his "personal trainer" shingle at 17? Laughably unlikely, eh?

I just think we live in a youth obsessed culture and mature gay men are the worse for our (my!) obsession with young male bodies. Guys are very much at their physical peak between 18 and 28 or so. After that hormonal changes begin and the muscle game is harder. By the time you turn 45 your peak growth hormone factor and testosterone years are behind you. A 20 year old has that benefit in spades. So what could he possibly be able to give a mature man that would help produce a remarkable physique? Encouragement? Just about all he knows is based on techniques that work for barley post adolescents. (In fact, in his case, he is still an adolescent.) It's ridiculous for this brand new edition "Muscle God" to start preaching a religion he doesn't know the tenets and testaments of. It also says something about us as a society that young men work to achieve freaky muscular physiques before their bodies are completely grown. Fitness is one thing, pounding the weights before your bone growth is set is a big mistake IMHO. Yet, we have teen competitions galore. 

I agree that the sooner you start the earlier you'll take on positive life changing habits that mold and shape the remainder of your life in health, self-worth, confidence, and appearance. Looking good and feeling good are ample rewards for any athletic endeavors beside proving you can meet challenges and sail past goals. That has to feel remarkably good. I wish I had done more athletically-minded things at 20 myself. But I am glad that I didn't become a physique whore the same way I am happy I didn't succeed as a singer at 20. Take a look at the majority of people who gain fame very early for any reason. Most do not deal with the fame machine well. Only a few manage to keep the fickle flame lit. I hope for this young fellow's sake he gets his head firmly grounded in those achievements that really make this challenging existence worthwhile. Personally, I don't put much stock in what this society professes as success. Gain the world, lose your soul? Fatten you wallet and forget your values? Lie, cheat, scheme? Dog eat dog? Become a politician?

I suppose investing your energies in getting ahead at 20 is way better than drugging yourself up and slacking your youth away. He's at least got that going for him. And a hell of a nice body, too.

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