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Friday, April 23, 2010

Faun and Fae Friday Expands!

Above art by Mr. Myroski.

I've come to the dawning conclusion, rather rapidly as it so happens, that the theme for Fridays is way too limiting. In the case of fauns and, especially male fae, there isn't all that much material online. Centaurs and satyrs are well represented as are mermaids, distaff faeries, and lamia (female nagas), but the representations of manimals in those camps is sorely lacking. So, I am opening up the Friday boundaries and adding angels, devils, and demons to the mix. Within reason. I'm not really into hideous devouring demons, but tasteful winged and horned and hoofed ones I'll accommodate.

I will also open Mondays to a Mermen theme every other week and try to locate some good representations of various reptile and amphibian manimals (lizardmen, draconoids, fishmen, frogmen, etc.)

It is very easy to go through the few good images devoted to certain types of manimals online. I think I have enough different centaurs to last a good while and that is certainly true for Eye Candy and Superhero images. But it would be a shame to run dry so quickly on images of other manimals.

I really can't keep Mythulinity limited by adhering to a tight topic as manimals are still a very esoteric form of subject matter. Unlike furries, werewolves, and vampires, as I have previously discussed, half-man/half-animal creatures are attractive to a small audience and thus engender a limited supply of art and interesting content. This blog would dry up fairly fast if I were to be a purist.

You can expect to see a lot of interesting material that has no relation to mythical males or only tangential and peripheral ones.
This will give me the opportunity to share a greater breadth of interesting, fun, humorous, and attractive material and, hopefully, elicit  more responses from y'all.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will let me know of material I can add to the blog and how you feel about what has been and is being posted here. Feedback is crucial to an active blog. Please feel free to comment on any and all things. Just keep it in a positive vein.

Thank You!

T Reg (AKA Greggerman) 

Art by E. J. Johnson:

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