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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mythical Monday: Following The String Into The Maze

More current artist interpretations of the Minotaur meeting Theseus and awaiting the showdown.

Art by Speeh:

Art by Gaius31Duke:

A brief departure from your standard issue minotaur interpretation. Sexy ain't he? Art by Agacissko. You can see a larger format image at her DA page.

Art by Egilthompson. Looks like Theseus tamed the beast instead of slaying him. Actually, to the young hero's surprise, it turned out that Minnie was really a big softie. All the garbage about him devouring virgins was just bad human-generated reputation-damaging fiction. The big guys a vegan! He'll follow you anywhere for a good meat-and-dairy-free Shepard's Pie.

Art by Laloutre30300.
Gee, what does this remind me of? Ah, David Minotaur!

Art by Jeremy Mohler. And here we see the poor minotaur, who is in reality a centaur, get almost tastefully disemboweled. What a waste of good taur flesh!

Art by Skyjaguar.

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