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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taur Tuesday: Brief Appearance

 In this excerpt from the Russian cartoon, "Myth of Heracles: In Search of The Golden Apples", a pair of centaurs run across the landscape from 3:50-4:00 min., less than 10 seconds total screen time but well done nevertheless. They are merely bit players added for visual interest. I wonder if they aren't used as foreshadowing for a later appearance of themselves or another centaur. Unfortunately, the second half of this cartoon was never posted so I will remain wondering for the time being.

Please note that the cartoon is not dubbed, so all you get is the original Russian language soundtrack. Still, the animation is interesting if only for the depiction of Heracles, Atlas and the fleeting centaurs. If this had been made in America at the beginning of the 70s those muscular torsos would have been covered up. It is distressing to learn the truth about how we were led to believe that other countries are far behind us in so many respects. Obviously that is a bold lie when it concerns accepting our bodies.

This video is courtesy of GreekMythsAnimated.

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