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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taur Tuesday: In The Course of Intercourse

In the previous post were three pictures devoted to male centaurs having their way with female humans. This a popular configuration amongst some fantasy artists. (I have some pictures of gay adventures, too. I'll try to post those later.)

But here is the part I haven't quite figured out. How the hell could any human accommodate the phallus of an equine? Your standard horse weighs close to half a ton. How could a 100-200 pound person avoid being crushed? Sure, it makes a powerful sexual fantasy, but the logistics put it in the realm of impossibility. A woman's vagina would be torn apart and a man's anus would suffer horribly. (Yea, I know all about guys taking boots up their backsides and the most famous of those, Joey Yale, is dead.)

This isn't a question of bestiality with all its subsequent ramifications. This is the question of sizable force against almost static capacity that a thinking human would have to ponder. Of course, if you were being attacked and raped the considerations would be on how to flee. I don't think even a willing person could grin and bear that much action. We aren't built with that capacity. Maybe if you are 7 feet tall and weigh 350 of solid muscle. 

Once the momentum built it would be over for the human, bitch or bottom. Imagine a thick arm being shoved up into your insides. The chances are way too strong that the intestinal wall and even the stomach would be broached. Death would soon follow. 

Geez, I think of this every time I see one of these pictures. It is beyond fantasy and into the area of cannot reasonably and physically be. At least not with you average horse. Perhaps, a miniature of some sort. I remember the case of the man who wanted to marry his lil' pony. The horse in question was about the size of a great dane. That might work.

Now oral sex that's an entirely different situation. You might not get all that tackle in your mouth, but you could at least lick it good.

Better to be a centaur fucking other centaurs. IMHO inter-species sex of this sort is a no go.

Just something ridiculous to contemplate.

For some other items regarding centaurs visit Argon's Centaursite. That's a portrait of Argon above. Be forewarned this site is devoted to straight stuff only and it hasn't been updated in a long time.

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