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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taur Tuesday: New Finds and What Kind You Are Likely To Ever Find Here

I spend an inordinate amount of my life in the obsessive search for great taur art and photos of beautiful men. I guess I am a bit crazy in my search for perfection, especially considering there is no such thing. 

Fortunately, humans never stop breeding so the production line keeps displaying newly-minted individual models of masculine pulchritude. And, since sex is the number one interest and selling point of the internet, the line will never stop producing unless mankind manages to find destruction. So I've no worries regarding finding suitably attractive men to swoon over.

However, finding decent representations of centaurs is always a labor. I find flocks of crudely done "my-lil'-anime-pony" taurs--cutesy schlock that, as my friend KennyB would say, "makes me wanna thwo up"--and an alarming number of grotesques that hold no interest whatsoever for me. ("Yea, I get it, he's a real monster with a flaming skull, rotting holes in his carcass, and teeth he files with a rasp until they are razor sharp like those of a Great White Shark. I'll pass, thanks. That ain't the kind I would choose to be or realize on any level.")

If you are aware of centaur material I may not have seen and, I am sure that about 1-5% online has remained invisible to me (especially foreign art), please feel free to contact me and send along your image files or videos.

The internet is great at taking hours of work and reducing it to a few minutes of viewing pleasure. The audience is impossible to satiate. I know I am. If I am to be held up as any reasonable meter of the vast, unwashed, greedy, sex-centric, gay male populace then there is always room for more fantasy images, videos and fiction. And most of all for anything in those categories that has been done well. 

If I want dross there is no end to the assortment. Yes, I know the kids have to start somewhere and posting their work for critique at Elfwood and DA helps them, but sometimes it is just painful looking at the puerile output that poses as artistic expression. (Have you no sense of shame or embarrassment?) It is to fantasy art what some Rap is to music: crudely executed and uninspiring, no imagination, no technique and zero skill. 

When I do find work that is beautiful I always make a point of praising it somehow and try to give the artist credit for a job well done. 

I have fairly eclectic taste and there are many things I find appealing. Yet, I do have criteria that works have to meet to gain my approval. As far as centaurs are concerned, I prefer the classical centaur to most variations and I hate things like ogretaurs as much as I dislike the saccharin sweet "Strawberry Tart" representations. I'm not crazy about mechataurs or far-fetched horned centaurs and that is something I will be ruminating on in another opinion piece: the logic of manimal creations. 

For now, here are a few new centaur discoveries that I have made recently. Let me know what you think of them and what you consider appealing in the world of centaur creation.

Art by the Russian artist, Tata: 

Art by Aranak-lu-Nephem. You can see the full format view by visiting her DA page.

Art by the Italian artist, Sabrine. See the full view of this at her DA page.

Art by Croatian artist, Veki-kun:

Art by FaithWriter from The Netherlands. "Self-Portrait As A  Centaur", WIP.

Art by Twinkie67:

Art by A. Meyer:

Art by Croatian artist, Tihomir Hrlic. Two versions of the same work: first, the original and, second, the colored work.

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