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That's the goal for our greater good: Sharing the best manimal/mythical and real male images and info online.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Themeless Thursday

As with yesterday's posts today is dedicated to whatever I find and choose to share. Since most all of this blog is an exercise is cataloging my own interests, that means whatever strikes my fancy gets a berth and I may go totally off topic. 

For the time being, I will be sticking to the major themes of Mythulinity: Manimals and Men.  Along the way there will be diversions, but most all will feature something that has to do with males to a degree. I'm not saying a woman or a womanimal will never appear here, but only with good reason. I'm not prejudiced against woman as sex objects, I just prefer beefcake to cheesecake.

However, one thing that will likely never appear here is just balls- out pornography. I draw the line at smut. I suppose any of it could be defined as "art". My concept of art is of a higher standard. (Parodies can escape this standard.) No videos of humping will ever occur here. At least 95% of internet traffic is devoted to sex search. This blog is even built on the premise. Still, pornography is outside its purview. There are a bazillion sites and blogs--most at a premium fee--devoted to watching other people do it. I'm not remotely interested in something "realistic" I'm not participating in--like barely legals servicing each other. If you are, you may be disappointed by what you find here.

What you will find here is: male nudes, manimal fantasy art, superheroes, lots of "eye candy", opinion pieces (AKA diatribes), Centaurs, Satyrs, Mermen, Nagas, Fae, Furries, Angels and Demons, beauty . . . did I mention Centaurs?

It is hard to reach satiation once you become obsessed with sexy guys and manimals. I reached peak saturation with standard issue gay porn a long time ago. Some of it is great, but most is cheaply done and boring after one view. IMHO. Mythulinity is meant for different concepts of masculinity--not Transgender or drag though they have their place, too--just not in what I intend to feature here.

Incidentally, porn comics like the work of Patrick Fillion are totally acceptable because they are very well done and feature hyper-masculine ideals. The way I see it. And this, dear reader, is all about the way I see it until something else starts happening here--like acolyte participation. I can dream can't I?

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