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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Were Wednesday and Why

I was searching for a theme for the hump of the week and was at an alliterative loss. There's "Superhero Sunday", "Mythical Monday", "Taur Tuesday", "Faun and Fae Friday", and "Satyrday". Yea, I know the whole idea is kind of korny and grammar schoolish, but it works for me and leads me in a direction rather than just doing random and theme-less posts all the time. It works well for readers, too. Y'all know what to expect from any given day's offerings. 

So what about Wednesdays? What could I use as a theme and still stick with the alliteration thing. I decide after a bit of aesthetic struggle to go with "Were Wednesday". Now why would I do that after complaining that there are entirely too many internet sites, etc., devoted to werewolves and wyvern? Well . . . two reasons, actually. Firstly, I love wolves and some canitaurs and canimales are very sexy. I particularly like digigrade (or is it digitrade?) legs and sleek grey fur. I find the whole ravenous violence thing off-putting, but understand the sense of abandoned reason and heightened animal awareness, lusting, robust power and passion. Imagine being able to run about free and wild for a night once a month. If you got the whole thing half-way controlled and could eat small animals instead of larger primates it might work for you. 

Anyway, since lycanthropy (becoming a wolfman) appeals to a quite a few men to the level of almost peak saturation, I thought I would avoid adding it to the mix here. Wolftaurs? Yes. Wolfmen, as in big, furry half-wolf guys? Yes. Werewolves, as in slobberring, dangerous, man-eating monsters? An emphatic "NO!" Most demons and vampires and werewolves are just out of the purview of this blog. I set the standards and I say: "Please enjoy them elsewhere. Get ye to a wolfury!"

But wait a minute, not all weres are wolves, are they? In fact there are things as varied as were-raccoons and were-gryphons in the Furry Kingdom. And that calls into play my second reason for giving weres a chance (All we are saying is . . .). Becoming a were of any sort implies transformation and, as far as manimals are concerned, transformation is a key element adding to much of the natural allure. So, I can't really exclude all weres, now can I? 'Cause there are were-taurs and were-fauns and . . . you get the idea.

And that, My Good Mythuliniters, is how I arrived at "Were Wednesdays". With that distinction I can riff on the theme of canimales and transformers. Two, two, two treats in one. But as far as featuring werewolf art goes, unless it is unreasonably sexy, it ain't gonna happen. Videos of transformations, as long as they aren't too gruesomely and gratuitously violent, are fine. I don't deny the canine fantasy as much as the overkill, so to speak. Let's just leave it at that.

And it all gives me an avenue of art to pursue I might have avoided before. That is good for me and you, too.

Welcome to the first weekly Were Wednesday!

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