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Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's Satyrday, but first . . .

. . . a little superhero diversion.

Unless you are totally shy of media promotion you are aware that the sequel to Iron Man, Iron Man 2, was released yesterday. The movie is getting very mixed reviews with no one saying that they really love it. I didn't expect great things from what I saw in the previews. But that doesn't mean I won't be seeing it.

Last week, when I went shopping,  I couldn't help but notice the huge displays of toys being hawked in connection with this film. They should fill landfills for decades to come. Those toys are an indicator that the promoters are betting 2's the charm. 

The critics despised Pirates of The Caribbean 2, but it was a  blockbuster, as was Shrek 2, and Batman 2 (The Dark Knight). The first film always preps the way for reaping greater rewards from brand acceptance and media saturation. I suspect that Iron Man 2 will be a sizable hit. Especially, since it is the only major movie released this weekend and doesn't have any serious competition for popcorn purchases until later in the month when Shrek 4 in 3D (which looks to be dreadful) arrives.

I've never been a big fan of Iron Man. Tony Stark is, like Batman's Bruce Wayne, insanely wealthy and has the ability to fill his closest with the latest high-tech hardware. The tech toys can be fun, but I prefer superheroes who actually are imbued with super powers to ones who master gadgets. I get more fantasy satisfaction from the former than the latter. Both Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are borderline psychopaths which I don't find all that endearing or worth emulating. I feel that both these characters are only as good as the villains they face off. In the case of Tony Stark, being a cocksure and arrogant asshole doesn't win any points from me. Not that the character would give a flying fuck if he actually existed. 

I do, however, love Robert Downey, Jr. I am thrilled he has pulled his drug-addled life together and become a box office success. It was as happily unexpected as the rise of another terrific actor, Johnny Depp. Plus, the supporting cast in this movie is sterling. Especially, Mickey Rourke (another talented actor you'd have expected would have been kicked to the curb by now) and Sam Rockwell.

Despite my failure to love the character, Iron Man 2, is the only big screen superhero movie out there right now--the only game in town--so I will definitely be seeing it. I'll let you know what I think. 

Gee, Tony, you light up my life.

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