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Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Live, You Learn

I did some reading--knowledge can be a dangerous thing--and have discovered that I have reached my 1GB free image file storage limit on this blog. To post more images I will have to wait until next month to purchase more gigs of storage from Google.

So, I did a little research and found that Word Press also offers a free blog service, but with one major difference: they offer 3GB image file storage before charging. Had I known that I'd have gone there first. Well . . ya live, ya learn.

I'm not much into managing multiple blogs. Something I could do through Google with the same result that, at 1GB, I would have to buy more storage.

I can sit the rest of this month out or I can go over to Word Press and start a second blog. What I should probably do is start hosting a blog devoted entirely to superheros, muscle, and eye candy and leave Mythulinity to manimals alone. Regardless, I can't do anything with Mythulinity until after June 3rd.

I'm sorry this happened. But it could be all for the better. 

Rather than this being Anything Goes Day, it is now--Nothing Goes!

I'll post news of my intentions as soon as I've confirmed them. Thanks for reading and contributing!

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