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Friday, May 7, 2010

Manly Enterprise Dept.: TOF Clothing-Parts 1 & 2

It looks like Tom of Finland's promoters hit the runway last Fall in collaboration with Absolute Vodka. These are the most muscular fashion models I've ever seen. 

And a reminder in Spanish of what Tom of Finland excelled at:


  1. I dunno, those vodka ads don't exactly leave me breathless. I think the youtube comments to these vids are fascinating. Some men rightly point out that these prissy muscle boys don't capture the essence of Tom, I mean, where are the bulging cocks? And that air of innocent masculine confidence has somehow become degraded on this particular runway. But still, it is amazing to find homosex paraded around like this by an international brand - at least the brand is from Finland!

  2. Well, Michael, being a tea-totaler means I don't think much of TOF Foundation linking with an alcohol concern as a partner. I also have never liked branding of any sort on clothing except maybe t-shirts. And, in this case, the Absolute branding and logo use define the clothing more that Tom's art or style seems to inform it.

    But Tom's art focuses on things I don't do any of. Like drinking, smoking, leather drag, and casual sex. So I'm hardly the target audience for these promoters.

    I surely would love to see Tom's character, Rebel, come to life. But I really don't think the pseudo-respectability of the rag trade would accept big cocks bulging on the runway. And, I agree, the humor of Tom's stuff, the "innocent" macho swagger, was completely missing in the presentation. But, then, do you think that the full-bore porn aspects of Tom's art are going to be shown while focusing on an expensive line of clothing?

    Personally, I think we've come a hell of along way to even have this fashion show, flaws and all. Imagine any alcohol manufacturer (any "straight" company whatsoever for that matter) backing a display of Tom, George Quaintance, Robert Mapplethorp, or any other overtly gay artist back in 1990?

  3. Yea, we've come a long way, baby! Love your blog. Heading out to the O.P. tomorrow for Mom's day!

    Cheers, Michael

  4. Oops, almost forgot. Absman420 has written a wonderful erotic story around Tom's characters: The New Adventures of Kake & Pekka which you might enjoy.