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Thursday, May 6, 2010

'Tis Thursday and Time For Anything Goes

And I mean anything. So whatever interests me today becomes fodder for the blog.

We begin with some topical humor.

The producers of that wonderful product, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), have experienced a 9% drop in sales over the last year. Why is that? People have become concerned that the popular sugar additive to packaged foods and beverages is bad for their health. They have complained to manufacturers and the manufacturers are, surprisingly enough, listening. But the outcome isn't all that good. Cane sugar is now replacing the glorified corn syrup which is equivalent to replacing arsenic with cyanide. The corrupted-corn syrup producers have come out fighting and they have an advertising campaign designed to assure consumers that their poison is just as good as the other poisons out there.

First, the real advertisement:

Now, the spoofs:

The truth is that all sugars--cane, corn, or artificial, with the exception of stevia--are either high in calories, low in nutrition and damaging to the body in excess. In the case of HFCS, it is bad in all respects. For most consumers sugars are so prevalent in the foods they eat that moderation is impossible. Many Americans are addicted to products such as soda pop, ice cream, and baked goods that are high in sugar content. This is the primary contributing factor in the outrageous rise in Diabetes 2 across the world.

Do your body a tremendous favor by forgoing the "pleasure" of HFCS. (Huge Fucking Consumer Scam)

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