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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've decided to dispense with the notion of Tues-day completely. From now on in Mythulinity, it's Taursday

First, some 3D character models from 3D Bud:


Remember, all centaurs must be equipped with uber-weapons. No matter how ridiculous in size.

A satyr who would be a real hunk if it weren't for a glaring fact . . .

. . . his genitals are MIA!

Humans have to have outlandish weapons, too. Not to mention stylish battle-gear. Even if he is only half-dressed.

 C'mon, could any man actually weild such a humongous sword? That thing would cripple He-man!

How ironic that the most realistic weapon goes to the guy who might be able to lift that daunting purple sword.

But then these are characters meant for fantasy game playing and as far as fantasy is concerned logic and realism have nothing to do with it.

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