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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Superhero Sunday: Northstar, again, but . . .

. . . from some very different perspectives.

Art by Chilean artist, Cris-art:

Northstar and another X-men star, the mega-hunk, Colossus, who came out, too. A big surprise, but a real gift from Marvel.

In what, to my mind, is a truly unusual but groundbreaking development, young women and girls are taking to male gay love the way they used to go for ponies. Japanese anime is rife with it. It must be an answer to the way straight guys have dug lesbians going at it for so long. Now the girls are accepting the sexual titillation of men in sensual communication. It's about time. 

I just hope their take on the couplings isn't about "how these guys could really do wonders with the aid of a good woman" or a reflection of the straight male attitude toward lesbians, "Lets, make this a threesome, shall we ladies? After all, you really need what a man has to offer." Right, like a fish needs a bicycle.

Art by Russian artist, Sasha:

Northstar with his unnamed boyfriend. (It appears the writer's don't think enough of the character to have given him a name yet.)

Art by another Russian female artist, Candra:

Northstar, who, in his real life is named Jean Paul, as a total sex-object beefcake-boy:

Art by Bangladeshi artist, Sahaarif Azfar Shameen:

Art by Dominican Republican, Felix Rinaldi Gomez Peguero: (No I am not making these names up as I go along, thank you!) 

In this fan art, Jean Paul sheds his superhero identity at the gay beach. Much to every other guy's pleasure, no doubt.

And, in this work, Mr. Gomez again takes liberties with poor Northstar. Do I suspect a theme is being established here?
All he needs is a whip and he'd make a perfect "dominatrix". 
Whip it! Whip it good!*

This next piece was colored by Nick from an original drawing by artist, Rey Arzeno. When exactly did Northstar make the shift from superhero to rent boy?

Northstar has a superhero twin sister, Aurora, who, as far as I can determine, could win a prize for being less-than-understanding AKA "a real bitch". 

Art by Roger Dorion:

This is the blue version of his star-burst jump suit. I like the black one better because it looks less like what a professional former Canadian Olympics medal-winning ice skater would wear. Yes, that's right, it looks exactly like it was stolen from the closet of Brian Boitano. Maybe that's the closet Jean Paul was hiding in when he took it.

Here we have Northstar in the familiar muscled-up style of JC at Anti-Heroes.net

Lastly, I can't resist poking a little fun at his final rendition of Northstar with his twin. It looks like the poster for an act touring with a C-Grade competitor of Cirque du Soleil. 

Art by Elena, yet another in the flood of female Russian fan-artists on DeviantArt. God Bless them for their efforts, for without them I would have far fewer images to use in this tribute to Northstar. He, unfortunately, not being the most popular of superheroes.


Incidentally, while I was creating this post I kept mistyping Northstar for "Northsatar", which lead me to the natural conclusion that Jean Paul would make a fetching faun/satyr. Now there is some fan art I would really love to see.

*With apologies to Devo.

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