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Monday, May 3, 2010

Okay, I've made my decision, it's Minotaur Monday!

With so many "M" choices (male, manimal, mermen, minotaur, mythical, mythological) I can change what happens on Mondays on a weekly basis. Last week it was "Merman Monday", today we go with our bullheaded friends, Minotaurs.

I'll admit that hunky guys with hoofs and horns are always an attraction. I've just had difficulty getting past the bovine visage. Plus, minotaurs are generally portrayed as blood-lusting savages. The very first one lived on a diet of vestal virgins, after all. But I'm willing to let that pass considering humans wrote these stories and legends to basically glorify themselves through the acts of heroes like Theseus and give anything unlike them the short end of the stick. Besides, the fellows can't be all bad because they are hung like bulls.

So, let us begin with a few pictures I've collected . . .

Art by Indonesian artist, J. eLi:

From the Gods and Heroes game:

Art by Brazilian artist, Rodrigo Reis:

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