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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Superhero Sunday: I Lied

One more but of business and then it's over for the night. A little more info on Northstar and his friend, Colossus:

Here is the link to an article regarding gay comic book characters on Frank J's blog, "blooms, beats, and the bits in between". 

Including this pertinent excerpt:

Colossus told his team mate, the devoutly Catholic, blue skinned, three toed and tailed Nightcrawler that Northstar asked him to his school's prom. Nightcrawler incredulously asked...

Colossus replies: "If a man as unique as you no longer has to hide in the shadows, I fail to see why someone like me should. Wouldn't you agree?"

Nightcrawler could however not accept this.
The conversation continued: "I know you've been avoiding me since you think you found out what I am." Colossus began. "Do you think that I am attracted to every man? Why would you think that? I will admit, your skin is cute, but you are not my type. So do not worry, I promise to keep my hands to myself. Can we just go back to the way things were? .... I am the same friend you knew."

Education is good, even when it is "preaching to the choir".

That's all for tonight, guys.

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